Spectrum XL Pro

Very lightweight at 13.2 ounces
Noise canceling electret mic
26dB Noise Reduction Rating
Switch selectable stereo or mono
Dual (differential) volume controls
Folding ball design for easy storage
Gold plated headphone and mic plugs


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This very popular headset provides exceptional quality in a great looking folding design that fits easily in your flight bag. The soft cushioned headband relieves excess pressure for those long cross-country flights. In fact, you can wear them for hours without feeling like your head is in a vice.

The 26db NRR rating is one of the best in the industry when compared to more expensive models. Soft pliable ear seals provide a snug fit and work well with glasses. Headband pressure is set to provide maximum comfort without compromising the noise reduction rating.

Each earcup is equipped with a volume control to provide differential settings in stereo mode. The stereo/mono selector is built into the right volume switch.

The flexible mic boom is equipped with an electret noise cancelling microphone that allows crisp, clear communications while blocking background noise. Microphone design has been enhanced through years of research and feedback from pilots to provide just the right amount of gain for a wide range of squelch settings.

We offer a 30-day money back guarantee in case you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. This is the right headset at the right price.

Comparison of Spectrum XL Pro with Leading Models
Spectrum XL Pro David Clark H10-30 AvComm AC-454
Noise Reduction: NRR 26dB NRR 24dB NRR 24dB
Weight: 13.2 oz 20 oz 14.3oz
Dual Volume Control: Yes No (Mono) Yes
Gold-Platted Plug: Yes Yes Yes
Foldable for Storage: Yes No No
Price: $97.00 $250.00 $170.00